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1. Show up on time. Raid invites will start 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time. If you are not on at that time we will begin to look for a replacement.

2. Stay for the entire raid duration. Raid duration can vary depending on raid performance, but plan on staying for up to 4 hours if needed. If you will not be able to stay the entire duration let an officer know in advance so we can work out a replacement.

3. Loot will be decided on a by a small loot council. The council will discuss each piece and hand it out based on a variety of factors. These factors include: Raid attendance, raid performance, gear situation, etc.

4. Always work to better yourself. When not raiding you should be doing hardmodes to get as geared as you can. We will not carry you. Also, raiders should, at a minimum, seek out the datacrons that apply to your class.

5. The officers reserve the right to mandate required raiding specs.

6. All gear should be at 100% durability before entering the raid.

7. Always have consumables on hand for the raid (medpacks, stims, adrenals)

8. Do not ninja afk. If you need to go afk please let an officer know before hand.

9. Keep vent clear during encounters.

10. Know the encounters. Research the encounters before the raid if needed.

11. Each player's attendance and performance will be monitored. If you are not showing up or not doing your job, you may be replaced.

12. We build our raids to maximize the chance of success. Therefore, raid composition is carefully considered. We will do our best to accommodate everyone that wishes to raid, but we do not guarantee anything. Do not cause drama if you are not selected to be taken on the initial run. Stay online, you may be pulled in later if needed.

13. Failure to comply to any of these guidelines may lead to you being replaced.

14. I reserve the right to add, remove, or edit these guidelines as I see fit. I will notify everyone if changes are made.

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