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(Jan 10, 2012)
(Jan 10, 2012)
I won't be around for raid until 6:30 due to having to play slum lord for my dad's rental. Time to kick out the hillbillies!
(Jan 06, 2012)
i learned a few things today by reading some posts there.the game wasnt designed to be easy for anyone including dps. everyone has to play smart. this game isnt designed for "topping the meters" in fact there arnt meters anyway.
(Jan 06, 2012)
DPS or anyone really should go to the swtor forums and do some reading under the general "tanking" forums so you can have a better understanding of how things work...
(Jan 04, 2012)
(Dec 28, 2011)
lotta new apps
(Dec 27, 2011)
Slicing NERFED
(Dec 26, 2011)
(Dec 25, 2011)
Sorry guys, I shoud be back in town after christmas. Then its lvl up time!!!
(Dec 20, 2011)
I'm sitting here at work jsut thinking about how badly the level gap is closing on my lead while im wasting away here. FML
(Dec 18, 2011)
You can buy an physical authenticator now
(Dec 16, 2011)
I hates maintenance time!
(Dec 15, 2011)
I just wanna play!
(Dec 15, 2011)
Just got my early access! I presume I won't be going to be for a long time tonight... even though I have class and a performance tomorrow... And a final. And a meeting with my director... Shoot.
(Dec 15, 2011)
I jsut want to be at home, leveling right now.....
(Dec 14, 2011)
OMG can't sleep want early access y u no give me early access game :(
(Dec 14, 2011)
must have just missed ya farzhar.
(Dec 14, 2011)
hi tank
(Dec 14, 2011)
we should reset the countdown clock to the 20th to remind people to enter there new code
(Dec 13, 2011)
I will be on in the morning!